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Second Chance

Second Chance brought groups of ten strangers through a 2-hour experience where they faced their death in a reimagined two-story building. It premiered at the Reimagine End of Life Festival and ran 41 shows in the heart of San Francisco.

Participants were diverse, including: a stage four cancer patient, a country’s ambassador and a young man grieving the loss of his brother. The experience included live and composed music, virtual reality, dance, theater and audience participation. More than 75 percent of contributing artists were women, people of color and/or queer. Though an upstart endeavor, commissioned artists were paid.

Role: Founding Director, Co-Producer and Writer
: Variety Magazine, KALW, KQED, San Francisco Chronicle
Award: Fast Company’s World Changing Idea Honorable Mention (a pillar experience for the Reimagine End of Life Festival)

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